Nomination procedure & deadlines :

Students have to be officially selected/recommended and nominated by their home institution.
The sending institution must inform the ISCID-CO International Cooperation Coordinator of the list of nominated students by e-mail with the following information : Student’s full name, E-mail address, previous studies, Major.

Fall semester deadline : June 15th
Spring semester deadline : November 15th

Application :

– Application form duly completed
– Most recent transcripts
– Curriculum Vitae
– Valid passport with personal identification page
– Birth certificate (duly translated by official agency) -> only for non-EU students
– 2 photographies (passport size)

Language requirement:

B1 level (CECRL)

Expected arrival date / orientation:

Fall semester: 4th week of August
Spring semester: 1st week of January

Buddy program:
“Iscid in Touch” is an association that welcomes international students to ISCID-CO and promotes interculturality in the school.
For more information, please contact

Coordinator International Cooperation

Sophie Terrier

Coordinator of Student Affairs

Mathieu Willems