Specialization Bachelor in Dunkirk

  • Strong skills in internal / external communication tools and in marketing;
  • Management of mock-up projects integrating new information and communication technologies.
  • A dual degree in partnership with ULCO’s « Licence Economie-Gestion », with a specialism in « Sciences de Gestion ».
  • • A Programme available both in classic and work-and-study training


Sitou, Community Manager for Alcatel

The training in International Communication and Public Relations was most meaningful for my job. I first learned the bases of communication during my training for Bachelor 3 at ISCID-CO. A year during which I was able to validate while staying at Esgis (a partnerschool in Togo, my home country). Then, I came to France to carry on at ISCID-CO. I was successfully trained into my current job, in particular thanks to the classes of Strategy of communication and social networks.

Types de diplômes

For students with 2 years in higher education specialized in Business, Economy, Communication or languages, wishing to specialize in International Communication. A few examples:

  • 2nd year in LEA, Communication, Marketing, Sciences of Management etc.
  • BTS (Two-year Technical Degree) International trade, MUC, NRC, BTS (Two-year Technical Degree) Communication etc.
  • DUT TC, DUT Info-Com etc.
Admission :

Registration form and competitive exam (Synthesis, paper in foreign language, motivation interview).

Date of delivery of registration forms for the comeback of January, 2017 :

  • 20 october 2016
  • 24 november 2016
  • 15 december 2016

Contact pédagogie & admission

Nathalie Dereeper
03 28 23 68 06

Program of Bachelor 3 Communication and
international Public relations

Geopolitical approach of markets: Northern Europe.
Corporate communication.
Introduction to information theory and communication.
Marketing communication.
Communication strategy.
Territories, exchanges and communication.
Workshops in communication: radio, television.

Geopolitical approach of markets: Southern Europe.
Advertising communication.
Graphic conception.
Operational Marketing
Simulation of business administration.
Company law and law on associations.
European media scene.

Study in Communication and international Public relations