Specialization of Bachelor in Dunkerque

  • Great skills in Import – Export tools and in Marketing ;
  • A Macroeconomic and Geopolitical approach of the international business environment
  • A dual degree in partnership with ULCO’s « Licence Economie-Gestion », with a specialism in « Sciences de Gestion ».
  • T• A Programme available both in classic and work-and-study training.
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Céline, a student in her last year of her Bachelor degree

As I am really attracted by marketing, I am currently carrying out my third year at ISCID-CO in order to get specialized in International Management & Business Studies. I had the opportunity to study in the United States during one semestre: it was an unforgettable experience which enabled me to discover another culture, to have international friends and great memories for life

Types de diplômes

Bachelor 3 is available to students who spent 2 years in a Business school, or in another training specialized in Economy or Languages and who want to deepen their knowledge in international business.
For example :

  • Licence 2 LEA, Economy, Marketing, Management sciences etc.
  • BTS in International Trade, MUC, NRC, BTS TC, BTS PME-PMI etc.
  • DUT TC, DUT GEA etc.
Admission :

Registration form and exam (synthesis, written paper in the applicant’s first foreign language, and a motivation interview)

Due dates to fill the registration form for the shifted academic school year moved to January 2017 :

  • 20 october 2016
  • 24 november 2016
  • 15 december 2016

Contact pédagogie & admission

Nathalie Dereeper
03 28 23 68 06

Courses in the third year of the Bachelor degree in
International Management and Business Studies
Geopolitical approach of the business markets
International economy
Growth, context, international relationships
Survey tools, Data processing
Sale and business export
International Business
International transport
Human Resources Management
Bases in Industrial Economy
General and cost Accounting
Strategic Marketing
International market studies
Technological approach of products
Management of the customer risk on the global market

pursue your Studies in management and international trade

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