Truly International

A few miles from Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and United Kingdom, our institution is as well-suited to international students.
With several nationalities, we offer a diverse environment where students are in contact with different cultures and able to create global connections.

Personalized Learning

Classes are small enough to feel like families, only a few students before the professor, receiving high levels of personal mentorship and engagement that help them to excel in their studies and professional life.

English Learning

Our subjects are taught in English and we provide assured preparation for language exams such as TOEIC, BULATS and CAMBRIDGE.

Global Network

Earn degrees which will grant you top-class job opportunities. Through our partner universities in Belgium and UK, we also offer training periods abroad.

Tutorial and mentorship

A one-to-one, guidance and follow up, We of our students’ personal interest and academic development.

Location, Location, Location

France is a popular destination for students all over the world, but studying in the North is a life-changing experience not to be missed.

ISCID-CO Dunkerque
ISCID-CO Longuenesse

Top Tier Degrees

Small class sizes and a focus on practical analytical thinking helps to prepare students for the modern demands of the business world. Our postgraduate degrees are aided by modern technology and specialized workshops run by influential political figures and successful business leaders.
Subjects taught in our School

  • Negotiation techniques
  • European markets
  • Corporate strategy
  • Lobbying and international affairs
  • Marketing and market research
  • International Finance
  • International project engineering
  • Geopolitics and international relations
  • European competition law
  • International economic environment