Since its creation in 2009, the number of ISCID-CO students who choose work-and-study has kept growing. Choosing work-and-study requires a higher and higher working capacity, genuine intellectual skills to synthesize the various ways to acquire knowledge and skills. Indeed, being able to face both the School’s and the Company’s pressure requires quite a good capacity.


Dunkerque :
Alain Pomart
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Longuenesse :
Sylvie Deplaedt
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Julie, Work-and-Study Student

I think work-and-study is a good choice to have an advantage on the labour market. This helps understand the business world thanks to theory. I do not regret my choice even if the pace is not always easy to follow. In the end, you come out more mature and actually prepared to take a position in the field you have chosen.

Louison LG

Louison, ISCID-CO Alumni.

Work-and-study is an incredible opportunity to develop yourself as a professional while studying.
Thanks to ISCID-CO, I could apply in my company all I had learnt at School. I recommend it to any student who wants to find an alternative between Studies and Work.

Working Contract

  • An Employee status
  • School fees paid by the company
  • A 12-24-month contract
  • Wage: 80% of the minimum wage(“SMIC”) for 21-25-year-old students
Long-Time Internship Contract

  • Student status
  • School fees charged to the student, except if the company accepts to pay part of them.
  • A 10-month contract
  • Financial reward: from 30% of the minimum wage(“SMIC”), based on the actual number of worked hours.

Work-and-Study pace

Work-Study pace at ISCID-CO

Work-Study rhythm at ISCID-CO : 1 week of classes and 2 weeks in the company.

The Work-and-Study rhythm at ISCID-CO requires lasting efforts. A Work-and-Study Student has to be able to “live three lives”: his/her working life, student life and eventually personal life.

School Fees

  • “BAC +3” : €5 000 year
  • “BAC +4” & “BAC +5” : €7 000 year