Integrated Bachelor cycle in Dunkirk and Longuenesse

Bachelor 1 et 2

  • A human-sized school that enables a personalized follow-up;
  • A choice of 3 specialities in the third year on both campuses;
  • A multicultural environment with an average of fifteen nationalities;
  • Involvement in France-export project (Bachelor 2): mock-up implementation of a commercial partnership between two companies.
  • A high and immediate professional application at the end of Bachelor 3
  • A faithful, active and reactive network of former students meant to optimize the student’s immersion into the professional world.
  • A dual degree in partnership with ULCO’s « Licence Economie-Gestion », with a specialism in « Sciences de Gestion ».
  • A door to further studies: Post-Graduate Degree / Master Degree.


Camille, a student in Bachelor 1

To study within ISCID-CO is a real opportunity for me. It is easy for me to talk with my teachers any time, since we are in a human-sized structure. Each year, we can carry out an internship in France or abroad, which enables us to get a practical approach to the working life. I would then love to choose the work-and-study programme, so as to combine school and professional experience


Marie, a student in Bachelor 2

I started studying at ISCID-CO last year and I think that this programme is really a great experience. On the one hand, the international side of the school enables us to be daily in contact with international students coming from all over the world. It helps us improve our language skills and it enables us to spend unforgettable moments making new friendships. On the other hand, as it is a human-sized school, teachers can thus be close to their students and guide them as far as possible. Throughout the first two years, we get to learn the bases of international trade, and we study, Mathematics, Accounting, Economy, Law as well as Business administration… Next year, I will spend one semester abroad in one of our partners’ university. When I come back home, I will join the ISEB programme (International Sales and E-business) to acquire the necessary skills and later create my company hopefully in an international context.


The first year of the Bachelor degree is available to students who have a French Baccalauréat specialized in Literature, Economics, Science or Technology, and to foreign students with the equivalent diploma. For admission in Bachelor 2, the applicant has to have a first-year university level.


If you are interested in a training where culture, individual professional coaching and languages are the rule, if you want to acquire strong methodological tools and skills to be able to start your future career in international trade, and if you think that intercultural environment is at the heart of global exchanges, if you are open to other cultures and interested in a strong school spirit, then, join ISCID-CO’s Bachelor program.

Admission :

Admission is based on your student file, a covering letter and an individual interview. For further information, please contact the educational administration in Dunkirk or in Longuenesse.

Contact pedagogy and admission

Site de Dunkerque :
Nathalie Dereeper
03 28 23 68 06

Site de Longuenesse :
Mathieu Willems
03 21 38 85 43

Program of Bachelor 1 and Bachelor 2

Business English
Trade law
General knowledge
Introduction to the economic analysis
Mathematics applied to Economy and Management
Contemporary economic issues
Behavioral psychology
Business English
Labor law and Social law
Intercultural knowledge
Human Resources bases
Financial bases
Marketing bases
Cost accounting
Workshop of creativity
Action France Export
Learning a third language (optional)

Choose your specialism and complete your Bachelor degree !

In Bachelor 3, students choose a specialism in international trade, between: Business studies and Management, Communication and Public Relation or Sales and e-commerce. They can choose between classic, work-and-study or abroad.