Specialization of Bachelor to Longuenesse

  • A high adaptability both in e-commerce and in traditional trade;
  • A dual degree in partnership with ULCO’s « Licence Economie-Gestion », with a specialism in « Sciences de Gestion ».
  • • A Programme available both in classic and work-and-study training.


Marie, completed her Bachelor 3 in Sales and e-commerce in the United States

I chose E-Business Management for my third year. It was most enriching because I spent the whole year abroad in one of our partners’ university in California. Their vision of E-Business is different from ours in France. American companies are ahead of French ones.

Types of diplomas

After 2 years in higher education specialized in business, Web marketing or languages, such as:

  • Licence 2 LEA, Webmarketing, Management sciences etc.
  • BTS Commerce International, MUC option E-Commerce, NRC, BTS Communication etc.
  • DUT TC, Marketing, Web marketing etc.
Admission :

Registration form and competitive exam (Synthesis, paper in foreign language, motivation interview).

Date of delivery of files for the comeback of January, 2017:

  • 20 october 2016
  • 24 november 2016
  • 15 december 2016

Contact pedagogy and admission

Admission :
Nathalie Dereeper
03 28 23 68 06

Pédagogie :
Mathieu Willems
03 21 38 85 43

Program of Bachelor 3
Management E-Business

Techniques of international trade.
Sale and customer’s loyalty on the Internet.
Knowledge of the business sectors
Management of commercial teams
Sales networks: implementation and animations

Geopolitical approach of markets
Video graphic software
Web Initiation into the strategies of referencing
International transport and customs
E-commerce Law
Sites and e-shops Design
Strategies and communication plans
Global market study.

Study in Management E-business