Post-Master Degree à Longuenesse

Parcours Ingénieur – Manager des achats internationaux et Parcours Expert Data et Système d’information

“Towards a global and connected industrial information system”

The current economy is marked by a triple dynamic, that of the energy transition and the ecological imperative, which underlie the sustainable approach to production and consumption, and by that of immediacy, based on digital and Sustainable International Procurement.

With this in mind, the dual skills training provided by EIL Côte d’Opale and ISCID-CO, components of ULCO, offers a multidisciplinary approach that aims for excellence in the fields of management, industrial sciences and information systems.

  • For engineers, Post-Master Degree Engineer – International Purchasing Manager
  • For managers, Post-Master Degree Manager – Expert Data and Information System

For Engineers (International Purchasing Skills)

  • Strategy and policy
  • Analysis of the market and business needs
  • Sourcing and supplier selection
  • Negotiation
  • Monitoring of suppliers and contracts
  • Reporting and monitoring of the company’s purchasing performance
  • Management of the purchasing department

For Managers (IS and Data skills)

  • Functional and inter-operational specifications of IS, ERP
  • choose system solutions in relation to project management
  • Exploitation of Big Data

Collaborative approach and agility ; Penser design

International Purchasing Manager-Engineer course

  • Director / Director of International Purchasing
  • Head of purchasing department
  • Engineer / Project Purchasing Engineer
  • Purchasing and logistics manager
  • Industrial Strategic Purchasing Manager
  • Business engineer

Manager-Expert Data and Information System course

  • Data expert project manager
  • Business intelligence and ERP
  • Technical Sales Engineer
  • Architect, Business IS Manager
  • Enterprise Information Manager
  • A diploma of Bac+5 level or an equivalent level is required

Engineer or Manager profile

  • A level in English is required
  • TOEIC score 850 for Business School, and 750 Engineering School
  • Selection is based on application and interviews.

Tuition Cost : 8500 €

Programme de la formation
Ingénieur-Manager BAC+6

Economic pole

  • International economy
  • Fundamentals of Industrial Economics

General Management and Entrepreneurship Division

  • Strategic and operational management of the company
  • Intercultural Management
  • Process of internationalization of firms
  • Team management

Marketing and sales department

  • Marketing Fundamentals
  • Strategic marketing
  • Industrial Marketing
  • Cross-industry selling techniques

Industrial management pole

  • Simulation of production company management
  • International quality standards and certification
  • Procurement planning within the supply chain
  • Inventory management and business logistics
  • Industrial organization system
  • Optimization techniques in industrial management
  • Industrial performance audit
  • Process digitization

Innovation and projects center

  • Industrial project evaluation
  • Techniques for estimating industrial project costs
  • Project portfolio management
  • Knowledge of industrial sectors and products

Information System Modeling Pole

  • Functional and inter-operational analyzes of the information system
  • Urbanization and cartography of the information system
  • Business Analytics

Methods and project management division

  • Methods and practices for expressing needs
  • Drafting of information system project specifications
  • Change management
  • Introduction to Devops approaches
  • IT project monitoring
  • Management of IT project tests and receipts

Information system management department

  • Performance of hardware and software infrastructures
  • IT service management
  • Database management
  • ERP and Data and Process Integration
  • Information system audit
  • Knowledge management system

Architecture and networks pole

  • Information system security audit
  • Computer database system fundamentals
  • Operating systems
  • Computer networks and telecommunications
  • Information system security and control