Post Graduate Degree to Dunkerque


After graduating in International Management and Business Studies, you can become :

    • Export Manager,

The Export Manager is in charge of sales development, sales management and the optimization of the customer portfolio in a large company abroad. He / She is generally responsible for a given geographical zone. He / She will thus need to travel abroad regularly. He / She has to be able to solve logistic or financial issues and has to be able to speak several languages and feel comfortable with different cultures.

    • A Key account manager,

The Key account manager takes care of the company’s major customers. He / She makes sure they are satisfied and loyal. In this respect, he / she personalizes the business relationships and always keeps in mind one objective: to create some value for his / her customers. The Key account manager usually works in large companies, though some are now being hired by small and medium-sized companies.

    • A Product manager,

The Product manager is in charge of the product life, from its conception to its distribution. He / She is the coordinator of all the departments and people involved. He / She manages the conception of the product with the manufacturing team and sales representatives. Once the product has been launched, he / she optimizes the sales with his team and follows the results; his main goal is to always adapt the product to the customers’ expectations.

Some companies having hired our students

La Charlotte

TAUX (%) d’étudiants ayant trouvé un 1er emploi


Durée de recherche du 1er emploi

  • A high adaptability allowing a very good professional integration as well in France as on the international stage
  • A progressive training in adequacy with the business world’s realities, mostly taught in English by company professionals.
  • Application of the experiences through many large-scale associative projects.
  • The possibility to spend two semesters abroad as part of the Post Graduate degree programme.


Alexandre, in his last year.

The quality of the courses has enabled me to acquire versatility; some classes such as corporate mock-up business games are really interactive ! I have chosen to follow a work-and- study training right from the fourth year. It is a real asset in a CV, together with the exchanges abroad that give it a global specificity.

Types of diploma

You have a solid sense of negotiation and you are sure that business today must be international. You want to develop your technical skills in trade and in international law. You understand that success of an international career has to go through a strong knowledge of geopolitics and of the various cultures in the world. You wish to manage a multicultural team and you like to set yourself ambitious goals…
Then, our International Management and Business Studies Post-Graduate degree meets your requirements.

Admission :

Examination of the application file (grade sheets, letter in support of application, a letter of recommendation) and interview in front of a jury.

Date of delivery of registration forms for the comeback of January, 2017 :

  • 20 october 2016
  • 24 november 2016
  • 15 december 2016

Contact pedagogy and admission

Nathalie Dereeper
03 28 23 68 06

Program of the training(formation)
International Management and Business Studies

Geopolitical approach of the markets : Asia and the USA
European business law
Project management in international trade
European taxation
International business negotiation*
Marketing communication
Management of innovation and technology
Strategic marketing
International operations management
Skills assessment
Web marketing*
Geopolitical approach of the markets : Africa and the Middle-East
Internationalisation of firm process
Standards and international quality certifications
Data mining*
Intercultural management*
International Marketing
Business criminal law
Knowledge of the business sectors and products
International logistics policies
Funding of international trade
Industrial marketing*

* taught in English

Co-diplomation with the Master’s degree MCI (Management and International trade) browse MMI (Management and international Marketing) of the ULCO

This program is proposed in classic training and alternately (contract of professionalization or subsidized internship)