ISCID-CO places companies at the heart of its educational system, thus allowing its training to evolve according to the reality on the ground. From his first year of bachelor, the student interacts with the business world. By following a traditional curriculum, he builds his professional career through internships in France and abroad, company visits, conferences and interview simulations.

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Distribution of the 15 months of internship in a company

Bachelor 1

Discovery Internship



From February 1-28, 2022

Bachelor 2

Solidarity internship



From February 1-March 31, 2022

Bachelor 3

Operational internship



From February 1-March 31, 2022

MBA* 1

Internship in Europe


Mois Minimum

From April 19, 2022

MBA* 2
World professional mission



From May 02, 2022

*MBA : Master of Business Administration

Student Experiences


Facing a new environment

To know if you have made the right training choice, you have to leave the comfort of your classroom and face a new environment. This is why, in Bachelor 2, I chose Morocco to do my two-month internship. I worked in a company that sells boat parts. Pieces that she buys abroad to resell them on Moroccan territory.
I was in charge of prospecting for new suppliers and tracking orders from the manufacturer’s warehouse to the consumer’s. I faced terms specific to international trade and adapted to the fast pace of an international company.
This internship also and above all allowed me to discover other cultures and their heritage.
It is the school that has fueled this curiosity in me for two years by striving to bring together many nationalities under one roof.

Mustapha In bachelor 2 - Internship in Morocco

Working in a multilingual team

In the Ferrari offices, I find myself with a multilingual team coming from all over the world. We hear the employees speak German, English, French, Italian among themselves and we say to ourselves that taking an international course has prepared us well. I meet my internship tutor, a former “Iscidian” from the 7th promotion, Laurent Hattat, who is, among other things, in charge of the litigation department. He trained me as a collection agent. So my job is to call customers who don’t pay for their Ferrari. At first, it’s quite impressive because we find ourselves facing people with a lot of money and we have to tell them to pay their monthly payments well. However (…), over the days, we begin to be comfortable on the phone and we become more and more efficient(…) Find the complete article here.

FabienIn bachelor 3 - Internship in Germany at Ferrari

Jean, 2nd year Bachelor student
Internship at BornBike in Barcelona from February to March 2017
Missions in :

  • Customer relationship (Advice, booking, preparation)
  • Community Management
  • SEO web
  • Creation of videos and photos for the company’s website