Post Graduate Degree à Longuenesse


By the teachings of training Management E-business, you can become:

  • A Web Referencing Manager,
  • His/ Her objective is to increase the visibility and the number of visits of a website. His / Her mission consists in ranking a Website among the first results of the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) on specific requests.

  • A Web marketer,
  • Halfway between operational and functional, the web marketer deals with the Website’s whole marketing strategy. He/She has to make sure that the traffic increases and to be procreative as regards strategic and operational marketing.

  • An E-commerce Manager,
  • His/Her main mission consists in increasing on-line sales. To do so, the e-commerce manager has a strictly “ROIste” vision : he / she develops the strategy of e-commerce sites, considering the other sales channels (retail). He/She also decides on which web marketing levers to activate so as to better increase traffic and develop Internet users’ loyalty.

  • A Web planner,
  • The Web planner usually works in agencies for announcers. He / She advises them and chooses the best supports of advertising space buying for their brand development.

  • An E-CRM project leader ,
  • The e-CRM project leader manages the customer relationship on the Internet. In close relationship with the IT, marketing and sales teams, he/she strengthens the relationship marketing on digital platforms and operates customer relationship management campaigns intended for the Web.

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  • An specialization in e-commerce (tools and techniques) that enables a very good professional integration within corporate web marketing departments;
  • A solid training in negotiation thanks to business executives and involvement in national competitions;
  • Progressive teaching closely connected with the realities of e-commerce, mainly taught in English by teachers from the business world;
  • The opportunity to spend two semesters abroad as part of the training



Really keen on Web and new technologies, I decided to choose the school’s training in E-business Management during my choice of specialization. Through the courses, I could deepen and develop my knowledge in E-business and Marketing. This training has enabled me to find my path in the field of e-commerce; I am currently a webmaster in a ready-to-wear company.

Types de diplômes

Holder of a BAC+3 (License(Bachelor’s degree) Sciences of management, Management of companies), BAC+4 (Master’s degree Management and International trade) or equivalent.


Your digital culture is pretty good. You keep abreast of the web’s latest trends and you want to deepen your web marketing knowledge. You want to see how an e-commerce site operates and to master the levers of customer acquisition. You are positively convinced that negotiation with suppliers is an important stake for a site’s development. You think that E-commerce requires Web skills but also a specific knowledge of international trade.
Then joint this Post Graduate training.

Admission :

Examination of the application file (grade sheets, letter in support of application, a letter of recommendation) and maintenance in front of a jury.

Date of delivery of application files for the comeback of January, 2017 :

  • 20 october2016
  • 24 november2016
  • 15 december 2016

Contact pédagogie & admission

Sandrine Devulder
03 21 38 85 25

Program of the formation br /> Management E-Business

Intellectual property rights
Web analytics *
Web development project management
E-Business logistics
Web marketing levers and web conversion
International transactions management
International business negotiation
Sales forecast *
Data Mining *
International Audit and Consulting
Big Data and E-CRM
Professional negotiation seminar
International Marketing *
Marketing support to the sales force
International contract rights (UK)
* taught in English

Co-diplomation with the Master’s degree MCI (Management and International trade) browse MMI (Management and international Marketing) of the ULCO
This program is proposed in classic training and alternately (contract of professionalization or subsidized internship)