Post Graduate Degree à Longuenesse et à Dunkerque

Co-diplomation avec le Master E-Achats
et Marchés de l’Université de Franche-Comté.


Thanks to this degree, you can aim for management positions, such as:

  • Purchasing Manager,

  • This multi-purpose position is a key resource in companies because it requires a good understanding of the corporate needs so as to adapt the purchasing strategy to the market positioning. It implies selecting the best supplier offers; adapting the offers to the real needs; negotiating the best price and associated services terms. A job with a very broad scope dedicated to those who hate the routine and who are attached to results.

  • Project Buyer: ,
  • The project buyer is a long-distance runner. A project can spread out on one, to two or three years. To build up a production line, a factory, structuring software,… the problems are many and often entail the company’s future because of the amount of the required investments. The ideal project buyer shows impressive listening skills in order to be able to listen to and understand varied and specific requests; a good capacity of synthesis and above all the required authority to hold the deadlines and the budgets (and face the unavoidable pressures).

  • Sourcing manager,
  • as Company’s monitor on the supplier market, the sourcing manager’s mission consists in locating and catching the best resources. The sourcing Manager is gifted with unearthing capacities, fitted with outstanding skills to communicate, and boundless curiosity. Once a special resource has been identified, he will have to be able to convince his company to preempt the seller into saving the available quantities for him. The sourcing manager is an authoritative charismatic actor on his purchasing market.

Some companies having hired or having signed with our students a sandwich training:


  • A specialization in purchasing guarantees a very good integration in the working world, whether in average or in large companies;
  • Most classes are provided by professional buyers
  • An application of experiences through various large-scale associative projects is most valuable.



IPM is a professionalizing training which perfectly meets large groups’ as well as small-and-medium-sized companies’ expectations, as long as they focus on their purchases. This work-and-study year was both a professional and academic success, thanks to the benefit of a dual degree.

Types of diplomas

Titulaire d’un BAC+3 (Licence Sciences de gestion, Gestion des entreprises…), BAC+4 (Master Management et Commerce International…) ou équivalent.


If you are convinced that Purchasing is a strategic function in companies ; if you have understood that the purchasing manager’s task does not just consist in selecting basic products but that he has both technical and commercial skills; that he has to master several languages; that his skills will somehow affect the company’s turnover increase; if you think that you can’t start a good negotiation without having strong previous knowledge; if you have a high spirit of initiative and good relational qualities; if you are thorough and organized;

Admission :

Examination of the application file (grade sheets, letter in support of application, a letter of recommendation) and interview in front of a jury.

Date of delivery of registration forms for the comeback of January, 2017 :

  • 20 october 2016
  • 24 november 2016
  • 15 december 2016

Contact pedagogy and admission

Dunkerque :
Frédérique Cattiaux
03 28 23 68 30

Longuenesse :
Sandrine Devulder
03 21 38 85 25

Program of training
Management of the international purchases

Geopolitical and socio-cultural approach of markets
Costs analysis / Management control
Customs and customs clearance
Contract law as applied to purchase
B2B marketing
Procurement process
General policy and strategy
Excel: advanced level
Information systems as applied to purchase

Purchasing risk management
Purchasing function organisation
Purchasing strategy / marketing
Purchasing negotiation
Purchasing (intellectual) services
Purchasing in mass distribution
Funding in international purchasing
Sustainable goods management
Soft skills development

This program is proposed in classic training and alternately (contract of professionalization or subsidized internship)