The course at ISCID-CO is available over 5 years in 2 training cycles: the preparatory cycle (2 years of study after the BAC) and the school cycle accessible by competition from BAC +2. Tuition fees vary according to level of study.

ISCID-CO Tuition Fees

Bachelor’s Integrated Cycle
  • 1st year of the Bachelor (B1 – BAC +1) : 3500€ *
  • 2nd year of the Bachelor (B2 – BAC +2) : 3500€
  • 3rd year of the Bachelor (B3 – BAC +3) : 5000€

*Students enrolled in Bachelor 1 and having obtained a Very Good honors in the Baccalaureate will be able to benefit, at their request and on presentation of the Baccalaureate transcript on the day of the administrative registration, from an exemption of 25% of tuition fees during the only year of B1.

Cycle MBA
  • 1st year of the MBA (MBA 1 – BAC +4): 5000€ **
  • 2nd year of the MBA (MBA 2 – BAC +5): 5000€ **

**Tuition fees for work-study students are higher and are paid for by the company under a professionalization contract.

FLE, Français Langue Etrangère

FLE training is intended for international students wishing to learn French.

The tuition fees for the FLE training amount to 1500€/semester or 2500€/year

What are the application fees?

Registration in bachelor 1 and 2 does not require any fees. From Bachelor 3, the application fee is 50 € to allow the organization of the competition and the holding of the juries.

ULCO tuition fees

ISCID-CO is a university business school, component (within the meaning of articles L. 713-1 and L. 713-9 of the Education Code) of the University of the Littoral – Côte d’Opale (ULCO) . As such, any ISCID-CO student must pay the applicable ministerial and student social security fees. For information for 2020-2021 :
  • Ministerial fees for the license = 170 €
  • Ministerial fees for the master’s degree = 243 €
To receive your certificate of payment of the Contribution de Vie Etudiante et de Campus (CVEC), click here.