International Human Resources Management (IHRM)

MBA 1 et 2 à Longuenesse

Through the lessons of the International HR Management training, you will be able to become:

    • HR Director,

He/She takes care of relations with social partners (unions, works councils, staff representatives, etc.), administration and personnel management. The HRD also manages the training and internal communication policy and proposes the human resources management policy. He/She reports directly to the DG (General Manager).

    • Campus Manager,

The Campus Manager has a very specific role within the company’s HR unit. He / She is mainly responsible for recruiting young graduates for his company. He / She therefore implements a communication strategy with the Grandes Ecoles and universities to attract the best possible profiles.

    • Responsible for personnel administration,

The person in charge of personnel administration is responsible for the administrative management of employees. This post reviews a large number of assignments. Interpersonal skills and increased managerial skills are necessary to exercise this profession.

    • E-recruitment project manager,

The e-recruitment project manager designs recruitment strategies online, on the company’s website or on specialized sites. He/She searches for the most suitable candidates for the positions to be filled within the company. He / She does a great job of monitoring and highlighting the announcements. This position requires mastery of management and management tools as well as a good knowledge of the Web

  • An evolutionary education provided by speakers from the company;
  • Putting what you have learned into practice through numerous large-scale associative projects;
  • The experience of interculturalitythrough the presence of international students.

After his BTS AM and his HRM license at ULCO, Franck decided to extend his studies in Human Resources Management, a training he is taking on a work-study program at Manpower.

He tells us about his missions in business and the lessons of his first year of MBA.

Types of Diplomas

Holder of a BAC+3 (Bachelor of Management Sciences, Business Management…), BAC+4 (Master in Management and International Trade…) or equivalent.


You want to master the reality of Human Resources in a large international company. You want to learn how to manage multicultural teams. You understand that the management of international human resources is dependent on the HRM approaches of the countries and the mobility of international employees. You want to acquire in-depth knowledge of the management of diversities in an international context and in different social, economic, legal and cultural environments according to each country.
Finally, for you, working internationally requires specific skills: adaptability, open-mindedness, language skills… then the International Human Resources Management MBA is right for you.

Admission of French candidates (and international students already in France) :

Examination of the application file (transcripts of marks, letter of motivation, letter of recommendation) and interview before a jury.


Due to the current health context, applications must only be sent by email in onePDF document to


Recruitment Sessions

  • 1st session : Thursday February 24, 2022
  • 2nd session : Thursday March 31, 2022
  • 3rd session : Thursday April 28, 2022
  • 4th session : Thursday May 19, 2022
  • 5th session : Thursday June 23, 2022
  • 6th session : Friday July 8, 2022
  • 7th session : Thursday September 1, 2022

Admission of first time international candidates :

Consult the procedure described on the page “Venir étudier à l’ISCID-CO” . The date of the recruitment interview is given by the International Relations Department.

In the classic course, tuition fees for the 1st and 2nd year of the MBA amount to €5,000 per year.
In work-study courses, as part of a professionalization contract, tuition fees are paid for by the company.
More information and details on the page Tuition Costs

Contact pedagogy & admission

Sandrine Devulder
03 21 38 85 25

Rappel : Ce bouton ne concerne que les étudiants français ou les étudiants internationaux résidant en France. Les étudiants internationaux primo-entrants doivent se reporter à la procédure indiquée sur cette page.
Programme de la formation
Management RH à l’international
HR Methodology
Internal and External Communication
Social report and dashboard
Right to Work
HRM Tools and Practices
Interviews and Mediation
Labor economics
Deep psychology
HR Management

International Mobility
Social Policy
In-depth social law
Audit and social risk
Provisional management of jobs and skills
Ethics and corporate culture
Training policy
Social tax and payroll
International human resource management

Co-diplomation avec le Master PME – PMI – Parcours Gestion Sociale de l’ULCO.
Ce cursus est proposé en formation classique et en alternance (contrat de professionnalisation, apprentissage ou stage conventionné)