Post Graduate Degree to Longuenesse


By the teachings of the training international Management HR, you can become:

  • Director of HR :

  • She / He takes care of relations with labor and management (labor unions, works councils, staff representatives), of the administration and the staff management. The HR Department Manager also manages the training and internal communication and suggests the management policy of the Human Resources. She / He depends directly of the CEO (Managing director).

  • Campus Manager :

  • The Campus Manager plays a really special role within the company’s HR Department. He / She mainly looks after the company’s young graduates’ recruitment. He / She sets up a communication strategy with prestigious schools, colleges and universities in order to attract the best profiles.

  • Person in charge of staff management :

  • The person in charge of staff management also takes care of the employees’ administrative management. This position covers a large number of missions. Relational qualities and managerial skills are required in this job.

  • E-recruitment Project manager :

  • The e-recruitment Project manager develops strategies of online recruitment (on the company’s website or on specialized sites). He / She looks for applicants who are best suited for the vacant positions. He / She carries out a big monitoring job and emphasizes the offers. This position requires the control of managing tools and digital skills in order to be able to work online and offline. .

  • Application of experiences through various large-scale associative projects
  • Progressive teaching by professionals
  • Intercultural experience thanks to international students.
Types of diplomas

Holder of a BAC+3 (License Sciences of management, Management of companies …), BAC+4 (
Master’s degree Management and International trade …) or equivalent


You wish to grasp the reality of Human resources in a large international company. You wish to get to grips with the management of multicultural teams. You have understood that International Human Resources Management varies from one country to another and depends on international employees’ mobility. You want to acquire an in-depth knowledge of multi-cultural management in an international context and in various environments – social, economic, legal and cultural – specific to each country.
Eventually, if you think that working internationally requires specific skills such as the capacity of adaptation, open-mindedness, language skills,

Then the International Post-Graduate Degree of Human Ressources Management is a perfect fit for you.

Admission :

Examination of the application file (grade sheets, letter in support of application, a letter of recommendation) and maintenance in front of a jury.

Date of delivery of files(cases) for the comeback of January, 2017 :

  • 20 october 2016
  • 24 november 2016
  • 15 december 2016

Contact pedagogy and admission

Sandrine Devulder
03 21 38 85 25

Training programme
International management HR
Human Resources methodology
Internal and external communication
Social audit and dashboard
Labor law
Human Resources management Tools and practices
Interview and mediation
Work Economy
In-depth psychology
HR management
International Mobility
Social policy
In-depth Labour law
Audit and social risk
Provisional job and skills management
Ethics and corporate culture
Training policy
Social tax system and pay
International Management of Human Resources

Co-diplomation with the Master’s degree SMEs/SMIs of the ULCO
This program is proposed in classic formation and alternately (Contract of professionalization or Subsidized internship)