DAMO Dominique

Lawyer at the Paris Court of Appeal

Courses taught at ISCID-CO:
e-commerce law

Dominique Damo is the founder of cabinet Jurisdemat Avocat who regularly intervenes on issues related to digital technology. Experienced in technological developments, he supports companies and administrations both in advice and in litigation and has been leading training courses related to digital law for several years.


DEBATTE Bertrand

Director of Corporate Relations at ISCID-CO
Manager of Sarl Bertrand Debatte
Corporate trainer in purchasing and marketing

Courses taught at ISCID-CO: Purchases

Former marketing-product director at Picard Surgeles, Bertrand Debatte now puts his dual purchasing and marketing expertise at the service of the luxury industry and mass distribution (Conforama, CAT Logistique Europe, Auchan, Colruyt).
He is also the co-author of the book “les fiches outils des achats”, Editions Eyrolles, May 2014.

Personna Iscid-Copng

DONSE Francky

Professor of letters, general culture and expression at the Auguste Angellier high school.

Courses taught at ISCID-CO: French as a foreign language, general culture and expression.

The main scourge of humanity is not ignorance, but the refusal to know. Epictète

  • Member of the jury for the recruitment competition for school teachers (CRPE)
  • Head of the Dunkirk area of the integrated political science study program (PEI IEP de Lille)

Philippe Elleboode


Certified modern literature teacher

Courses taught at ISCID-CO: Synthesis, General culture, French expression, Assistance in the preparation of the internship report and the dissertation.

I have been teaching at ISCID-CO since 2000. At the time, the school was located on avenue de la Mer in Malo-les-Bains, it welcomed students of 25 different nationalities.

  • Fluent English
  • Member of the Kiwanis Club of Dunkirk (club service)

Personna Iscid-Copng

HAROUNE Abdelkader

AS Lecturer at Lille 2

Courses taught at ISCID-CO: Criminal law, business law.

For the fifteen years that I have been teaching at ISCID-CO, I have been able to meet motivated, ambitious and intelligent students. The quality of the teaching provided and the seriousness of the students have made ISCID-CO a university school of international renown.

Nathalie Gaudet

GAUDET Nathalie

Creator of OPTIM’D – organisme de formation

Courses Taught at ISCID-CO: Strategy, HR, Psychology, Coaching

I particularly appreciate the interventions within the business school, because I detect there a real openness to the world, as well as a rich intellectual sharing between the students. This is further strengthened, including with stakeholders, during the organization of several annual social, cultural and cohesion events.


MALLET Patrice

Marketing Director AUCHAN Group

Courses taught at ISCID-CO: Marketing Communication, Mobile Markets and Ecosystems, Commercial Negotiation Technique, Sales Strategy, Negotiation Technique » IHRM, Tutoring

  • 30 years of experience as Marketing Director
  • industrial tribunal judge
  • Creator Consulting firm in energy savings: my thrifty house

Professeur à l'ISCID-CO


Manager of ExpertInBox/Directeur Marketing Virtuel

Courses taught at ISCID-CO: Marketing organization, Customer relationship management, E-mail marketing

Former Iscidian, today manager of a company specializing in consulting and marketing innovation, I find it important to convey my know-how and experience to future generations in order to allow a growing and current optimization of their knowledge.

In July 2015, Ms. Moronvalle was elected “Femme Communiquante” at the Women of Economy trophies, Centre-Val de Loire region.


PACE Thierry

Expert Speaker at Consultrade

Courses taught at ISCID-CO : Organization of a purchasing department and dashboards

Thierry Pace has 33 years of experience as an executive, manager, business creator and external speaker. His business expertise gives him a global vision of the issues that arise in companies.



Lecturer in Management Sciences
Member of the Territoires Ville Environnement Société laboratory (TVES, EA 4477) and of the Campus International de la Mer

Courses taught at ISCID-CO: Project initiation, Budget management and control, Introduction to data analysis, Skills assessment and professional project, International financial techniques

The new expectations of yachtsmen in the development of ports along the Pas de Calais and the North Sea: A comparative analysis between 9 ports in Great Britain, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.
Colloque International (Responsable du Comité d’Organisation), 2012.

Marinas and Urbanity.
Boulogne sur mer, 26 Janvier avec Mme Simone Valcke, actes du Colloque, 2015 (ouvrage collectif, A venir)

Marinas in France.
Avec Simone Valcke, 2015, édition L’Harmattan (A venir)



Lecturer in economics,
Doctor in Sociology,
Vice-president of the Innovation Research Network
Researcher at the Clersé UMR-CNRS, 8019 ULCO

Courses taught at ISCID-CO: Economy and Sociology

Entrepreneurship and Territorial Development, evolution of business creation in the Dunkirk region (northern France) between 1993 and 2005, Canadian Journal of Regional Sciences, Montreal (Quebec), N°33, pp. 39-58, 2010.

Economy of functionality. A new synergy between the territory, the firm and the consumer? Innovations. Cahiers d’économie de l’innovation, N° 37, p. 95-125 (with Vaileanu-Paun I.), 2012

Parliamentary history of crafts and small businesses. Act 1: the Le Chapelier law (1791),  Economy and society, series AF (Quantitative economic history), N° 45, p. 1597-1626 (with Fournier C.), 2012.

Claire Chedot LEDUC


Computer science lecturer,
ICT Manager at ISCID-CO,
Director of Studies – Bachelor 3,
Associate researcher at the GERIICO laboratory (Lille3).

Courses Taught at ISCID-CO: IT, processing and statistical analysis of data.


Local online resource usage statistics 
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Library Review, Vol. 61 Issue 7, pp.497 – 510, november 2012
Article primé “Outstanding Paper Award Winner” au Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2013.



Lecturer in economics,
Researcher at the CLERSE UMR8019 ULCO laboratory / Innovation Research Network

Courses Taught at ISCID-CO: International economy, Economy, History, Sociology of inventions and innovations

Principes d’économie de l’innovation, Bruxelles, Peter Lang, 2014 (co-editeur RRI)

From the critique of corporations to the liberation of the productive forces: the political economy of Jean-Baptiste Say, (avec A. Diemer), Innovations, Revue d’Economie et de management de l’innovation, n°45, 2014-3, pp.19-33.

The development of product-service systems in companies: a step towards the functional economy? (avec S. Boutillier et F. Picard), Economies et Sociétés, série « Economie et gestion des services, n°15, 4/2014, p.551-578.

The entrepreneur’s ‘resource potential’ and the organic square of entrepreneurship : definition and application to the French case (with D. Uzunidis and S. Boutillier), Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2014, 3:1.


LE LAN Nadège

Lecturer in letters,

Courses taught at ISCID-CO:


Personna Iscid-Copng

Vernier Eric

HDR Lecturer in Management Sciences,

Courses taught at ISCID-CO: