Welcoming, administration and accommodation

Welcoming international students is part of ISCID-CO's global internationalization policy, as more than 20 nationalities are represented within the school. Students are welcomed on an academic exchange or on a full-time course schedule where they follow all the courses. French and international students are encouraged to collaborate on common study projects in order to prepare them to work in multicultural teams.

As soon as they arrive, students are taken care of to facilitate their integration and resolve any administrative issues.

Come through exchange or a full-time course schedule


Academic exchange

Would you like to join our school as part of an academic exchange for a semester or a full year? Contact the International Relations department of your School/University to check whether your establishment is on the list of our partner Universities or Schools.

Follow the whole course

Studying in France requires a mastery of the language represented by a B2 level on the CERCL which is compulsory.

This criterion does not apply to English-language programs (DU French Studies and MBA Global Management).


Procedure, housing, and budget



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Procedure for entering and staying in France (visa and residence permit)


Procedure for entering and staying in France (visa and residence permit)

  • European students do not need a Visa or Residence Permit to enter and stay in France.
  • Non-European students must obtain a D Student visa (or “Visa Long Séjour – Valant Titre de Séjour”) exempting from a residence permit, valid for 1 year.
  • Algerian students must obtain a D Student visa, valid for 3 months. The application for a residence permit must be made within 2 months of the date of arrival in France.


Financing of studies and provisional budget

Average monthly budget :

Housing : €400/450 per month (excluding housing aid)
Meals : 1 university restaurant ticket: €3.30
Transport : €50. The "DKbus", the buses of the Dunkirk urban area, are free.
Personal expenses / Leisure : €100 (Cinema entry: €10)
Total : €900 per month
Various registration fees to be paid on arrival.