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Full year in English - MBA 2 in Dunkirk


Opening in september 2023

Today’s world of business requires experienced professionals with advanced knowledge in various fields as well as managerial and personal skills : these professionals must master the use of management techniques, have an accute knowledge of the current market reality and trends in the business world and demonstrate qualities such as flexibility, adaptability, reflection, determination and creativity.

The MBA Global Management is a one-year general program that offers studies in all of the fields of management and allows students to reach the objectives of a company in an international environment. The program combines academic excellence with practical knowledge of business.

The students will be learning from top executives and professionals in a dynamic industrial town in the North of France. Dunkirk shows a huge economic potential being well established in the port and shipping industry and raising its interest in the sustainable energy sector.

Requirements : 4 years of valid ECTS & B2 level in English.

Registration fee : €6000 yearly.

To apply in English (non-French speakers only), thanks to file the following form and send it back to



Contact et admission

Laurie Chaput

Contacter par e-mail

03 21 38 85 51

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